Cut through the noise and deliver messages that matter.

Washington, D.C. is complicated, but making change here doesn’t have to be. We translate complex public policy initiatives into winning public affairs campaigns with real legislative and regulatory impact.

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The Ideal Strategic Partner

Raynor Ave. has decades of unique expertise in public relations, crisis communications, campaign management, and government service in both Congress and the Administration.

We know how to communicate complex public policy where it counts. We have worked at firms big and small and have built campaigns that enhance brand awareness and reputation among key stakeholders, influence regulatory decisions and public policy, and drive effective earned media campaigns at the federal and state levels.

Because we take client engagement seriously, Raynor Ave. is selective about those with whom we work. Consider Raynor Ave. your all-in partner. Unlike larger firms that might hand you off to someone without the promised know-how, what you see with Raynor Ave. is what you get: true dedication and over 50 years of combined communications counsel.

Our Work

We plan and manage strategic communications campaigns that influence public policy, strengthen your brand and reputation, and position you for enduring impact.

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Strategic Communications

We provide strategic counsel and design winning communications strategies to advance your legislative and business priorities and to get your brand, your message, and your people where they need to be.

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Thought Leadership

We help you stand out in today’s crowded media landscape. To do this, we focus on building credibility, highlighting authenticity and originality, and creating a steady drumbeat of meaningful engagement.

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Building Alliances

We identify and engage key policy allies and third parties to form lasting support for your policy goals.

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Social Media & Digital Advertising

We provide real-time social media capabilities, allowing you to leverage millions of conversations happening around the world.

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Grassroots Engagement & Advocacy

We have a robust network of field teams across the country that provide localized insight to get the job done right.

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Our People

Aaron Alberico

Aaron Alberico


Aaron Alberico co-founded Raynor Ave. after managing strategic communications and public affairs for clients ranging from political candidates and nonprofits to startups and Fortune 500 companies. He specializes in multi-stakeholder grassroots and earned media campaigns, particularly at the intersection of Washington and Wall Street.

Beneva Schulte

Beneva Schulte


Beneva Schulte co-founded Raynor Ave. and has over 25 years of leadership expertise in strategic communications, campaign and coalition management, and public policy. She is skilled in setting and executing public affairs strategies with extensive experience working within the halls of government and the boardrooms of Fortune 100 companies.

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